Frequently Asked Questions

Spalena Warranty

We offer a 90-day warranty against product defect provided the product has been laundered in accordance with our recommended laundry instructions and used for the manner intended.


Return Policy

We will accept returns within 30 days provided an authorization has been given and the item has not been used or washed. The customer is responsible for the shipping expense on all returned item(s). All returned items have a 10% restocking fee.



We will accept a product back for exchange within 30 days provided that the item has not been used or washed and authorization has been given. Customer is responsible for the shipping expense on returned item(s) and exchanges.


All Orders Shipping to Canada - Please note there will be additional charges that occur due to shipping across the border. Fees include a minimum brokerage fee of $25-30, an 18% duties tax fee as well as your Province standard tax rate. Please contact us for more information.


Washing Instructions

Pre-treat stains following instructions for product concentration and treatment times. Do not wash linen with other items such as towels. Use commercial grade laundry detergent. We recommend adding Tide Stain Release In-Wash Booster. Use liquid fabric softener sparingly to control static electricity build-up and improve wrinkle-free appearance. Wash on Permanent Press cycle using hot water and cool or cold-water rinse. Use slow spin cycle if available. Use non-chlorine bleach, if desired.

Set dryer on permanent press cycle, medium heat with cool-down cycle. Remove promptly and fold.